[European Edition]
10/1998 CD
Zoth Ommog
CD ZOT 229

1. Attracted By The Light – (Remix by Carbon 12) 
2 …End – (Remix by Filter Section) 
3. Accept Reality! – (Remix by Razed In Black) 
4. Let Your Anger Unfurl  *– (Remix by Godheads)
5. Persecuted (extended)  *– (Remix by Carbon 12)
6. The Needle From The Skin – (Remix by Gada-Gong)
7. A Million Voices  – (remix by Leæther Strip)
8. Ascend  *– (Remix by Lights Of Euphoria)

Birmingham 6:
Kim Løhde Petersen & Michael Hillerup
Jean-Luc De Meyer

Original Songs Produced By B6 & Longhorn
At Hipcat Studio – Kolding, April ’96
Engineered By Longhorn

Track 1 & 5: Remixed By Steve Tushar Of Carbon 12
At Carbon 12 Recording Studio – Hollywood, U.S.A.
Track 2: Remixed By Henrik Jensen Of Filter Section
At Hardware Recording – Copenhagen, Denmark
Track 3: Remixed By Romell Regulacion Of Razed In Black
At Invivo – Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Track 4: Remixed By Dennis Jørgensen & Jimmy Machon Of Godheads
At The Godheads Studio – Copenhagen, Denmark
Track 6: Remixed By Tonny Svensson & Kenneth Christensen Of Gada-Gong
At Gong House – Copenhagen, Denmark
Track 7: Remixed By Claus Larsen Of Leæther Strip
At Strip Farm – Vegger, Denmark
Track 8: Remixed By Torben Schmidt Of Lights Of Euphoria
At Lightlab – Frankfurt, Germany

Mastered By B6 & Klaus Bau
At Realtime Studio – Copenhagen, July ’98
Mastering Engineered By Klaus Bau

Cover Concept: Birmingham 6
Graphics: Jimmy Machon, Machon Cover Design

# Music & Lyrics: Kim Løhde Petersen & Michael Hillerup
Published By Warner/Chappell Music Denmark / Hard Publishing
* Music: Michael Hillerup & Kim Løhde Petersen /
Lyrics: Jean-Luc De Meyer
Published By Warner/Chappell Music Denmark / Hard Publishing /
Les Editions Confidentielles

Romell Regulacion, Steve Tushar, Torben Schmidt,
Dennis Jørgensen & Jimmy Machon, Henrik Jensen,
Tonny Svensson & Kenneth Christensen, Claus Larsen,
Str & Dj Killroy, Thomas Christensen, Klaus Bau,
Michael & Mette Lindberg Skouboe, Amber Knight,
Barrie Bardoe, David Foreman, Infectious Unease,
Everyone At Hard Records Europe & Zoth Ommog,
Hawaiian Island Aquatics.

“I Should Have Remained In The Deeper Waters”

Licensed From Hard Records Europe

Released & Marketed By Zoth Ommog
A Division Of Music Research Gmbh
Benzstr. 3
61352 Bad Homurg