Computers:Power Macintosh 8600/250MHz
80 MB internal RAM
4 GB internal hard drives x 2
24 x speed internal CD-ROM drive
100 MB internal ZIP drive
Video & Audio I/O’s
AppleVision 750 17″ screen
Atari STFM with 4 MB of RAM
Steinberg Midex + (multiport MIDI expander)
Cubase VST, ReCycle, TimeBandit, ReBirth-338, Alchemy, Sonic Worx Artist BasicAtari
Cubase Score, Avalon, Synthworks Yamaha DX/TX, Synthworks Roland D-50/D-550, GenPatch Librarian 
Synth Rack #1:SKB rack case 10 Units
Opcode Studio 4 (multiport MIDI interface)
Novation Super Bass Station (analog synth module)
Waldorf MicroWave (digital synth module)
Waldorf MicroWave II (digital synthmodule)
Yamaha TX-802 (digital synth module)
Roland D-550 (digital synth module)
Synth Rack #2:SKB rack case 10 Units
Opcode Studio 4 (multiport MIDI interface)
Novation Drum Station (analog drum module)
Waldorf Pulse (analog synth module)
EMU Procussion (digital drum module)
EMU Emax II (sampler w. 8 MB RAM)
Korg EX-8000 (digital synthmodule)
Synth Rack #3:Casablanca rack case 8 Units
Novation Bass Station Rack (analog synth module)
AP Audio (24 x 24) patch bays x 3
Behringer Eurodesk Power Supply
Additional synths:Roland JX-10 (analog synth / master controller)
Roland Juno-106 (analog synth)
Roland D-50 (digital synth)
EMU Emax SE keyboard (sampler)
EMU Emax II keyboard (sampler w. 2 MB RAM)
Korg RK-100 (remote keyboard)
FX Rack:QuickLock Rack x 2 (2 x 10 Units)
Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb
Roland DEP-5 Digital Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX-90 Digital Effects Processor
Ensoniq DP/2 Digital Effects Processor
Behringer Ultra-Q 5 band parametric EQ x 2
Behringer Composer stereo dynamics processor
Behringer Intelligate stereo gate / expander
Behringer Ultrafex II sound enhancement processor
Behringer Edison spatial sound processor
Akai PEQ-6 programmable 7 band graphic EQ
Tascam PB-32B (16 x 16) patch bays x 3
Roland A-880 (8 x 8) MIDI patch bays x 2
Mixers:Behringer Eurodesk MX 8000 (24:8:2)
Fostex 2016 16 ch. line mixer
Mark Of The Unicorn 7s MIDI mixer
Speakers:Alesis Monitor One
JBL Pro 1
DAT’s:Denon DTR-2000
Denon DTR-80P