CompilationRecord companyCD/LP idTrack
Seismic Sound CD-6Razormaid! Prod. (US)SSCD-6 (1992)This Girl (Razormaid! mix)
Seismic Sound CD-8Razormaid! Prod. (US)SSCD-8 (1992)Israel (Razormaid! mix)
CyberworldHard Rec. Europe (DK)HARDEST 02 (1992) 
This Girl
Mermaid TracksComa Records (DK)COMACD 11 (1993)Who Do You Love?
Essence of E DanceBlow Up/Intercord (D)INT 845.568 (1993)
Sweet 17
We Came to Dance Vol.1Sub Terranean/SPV (D)SPV 084-38812(1993)
MeltCyberware Prod. (SF) NET 002 (1994)
Mindhallucination (Brain mix)
Cyberworld 2Hard Rec. Europe (DK)HARDEST 08 (1994)
Body Rapture Vol.5Zoth Ommog (D)CD ZOT 130 (1994)
Lovechild (Psycheouted mix)
Electronic Youth Vol.2Music Research (D)CD MRSP 004 (1994)
Policestate (Demonstration)
Build for StompingCleopatra Rec. (US)CRV 002 (1995)
The Digital Space Between 2Hard Rec./Cleo. Rec. (US)CLEO 9599-2(1995)
Birmingham 6 (Retaliation)
Electro Industrial AssassinsHard Rec./Cleo. Rec. (US)CLEO 9604-2 (1995)
Policestate (Exposed)
Modern Tracks October’95Modern Tracks (US)??? (1995)
Godlike (Sinner)
Wired InjectionsCleopatra Rec. (US)CLEO 9675-2 (1996)
Who Do You Love?
Industrial Revolution Video #2
Cleopatra Rec. (US)
Video??? (1996)
Policestate (Hard Punch Mix).
Body Rapture Vol.6Zoth Ommog (D)CD ZOT 156 (1996)
Policestate (Mind Bladder Dub).
Industrial Revolution Vol.3Cleopatra Rec. (US)CLP 9732-2 (1996)
Policestate (Mutual Blade Mix).
Sound Line Vol.2Sound-line (B)Available with Belgian
Side-line magazine #18, 
which include interview with Birmingham 6, and reviews of
AssassinatePolicestate & 
To Protect And To Serve
Godlike (Prayer)
Hard TargetHard Records/Cleopatra Rec. (US)CLP 9727Godlike (Sinner mix)
Falcon City 1.0Outloud/Hypnotic (US)CLP 9773-2(1996)Lovechild (Mud & Laser Dub)
Covered in BlackCleoptra Records (US)CLP 9811-2(1996)Thunder Struck [AC/DC]
Zoth Ommog Midem Promo CDZoth Ommog (D)PCD ZOT 1997(1997)The Kill
You Cannot Walk Here
Body Rapture Vol.7Zoth Ommog (D)CD ZOT 172(1997)The Kill
Vertigo Compilation 1/1997Vertigo Musik Magazin (D)(1997)The Garden
Industrial Mix MachineCleopatra Records (US)CLP 9969-2(1997)Policestate (E-State mix)
Electrocity Vol.9Ausfahrt Records (D)EFA 06339 CD(1997)The Kill
Melt (us version)Fifth Colvmn Records (US)9868-63217-2 (1996)Mindhallucination (Brain mix)
We came to Dance Vol.10Sub Terranean/SPV (D)SPV 086-47302 (1997)Die For Jehovah
Neurostyle CD Comp. Vol. 8Euromedia GmbH (D)SPV 125-47782 (1997)Food For Thoughts (United)
Popkomm. Promotional CDZoth Ommog (D)PCD ZOT 1997-2 (1997)You Cannot Walk Here (Victimized edit)
Dion Fortune Sampler Vol. 5Dion Fortune Records (D)SPV 076-58882 (1997)You Cannot Walk Here (Persecuted edit)
Industrial Madness Cleopatra Records (US)CLP 0045-2 (1997)The Deadliest Beat
Industrial War Beloved Recordings (US)5722 (1998)Who Do You Love?
Hard Industrial WorkHard Records/Cleopatra Records (US)CLP 0133-2 (1998)The Kill
Policestate (Mature Bite Mix)
Birmingham 6 (Retaliation)
This Girl
Music Research Midem ’98Music Research (D)PCD MR 981 (1998)The Kill
The Gothic Compilation Part VIIGothic Records (D)CD 011 (1998)
Release with the german magazine Gothic#27
You Cannot Walk Here (Persecuted)
Cyberl@bNuclear Blast (D)NB 27361 63132 (1998)The Kill
Zwischenfall Vol.3Nova Tekk GmbH (D)NTD 90411-24 (1998)You Cannot Walk Here
The blackest AlbumHard Rec./Cleopatra Rec.(US)CLP 0323-2 (1998)Seek And Destroy